The Rock On Staff Recommended Routes Page

Here's a bit of a tick list of routes we've done and would highly recommend to friends. We've tried to include a good mix of grades (sorry but none of us are good enough for E8, V14 or F9a+!)
Stanage view - Rock On Climbing shops
Under Rockes, Kent - Rock On Climbing shops
James Riley at Stanage - Rock On Climbing shops
Dan Gibson DWS - Rock On Climbing shops
Dominic looking committed - Rock On Climbing shops
Double Diamond, Lundy - Rock On Climbing shops
The Old Man of Hoy - Rock On Climbing shops
The Old Man of Hoy - Rock On Climbing shops
V Diff
Needle Arete - The Dewerstone, Devon
Colonel's Arete - The Dewerstone, Devon
Heaven Crack - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Little Chamonix - Shepherds Crag, Lake District
Grooved Arete - Tryfan East Face, Ogwen
NMC Crack - Gardoms Edge, Peak District
Pulpit Groove - Lawrencefield, Peak District
Zigzag - Kinder Downfall, Peak District

The Cracks - Mother Carey's Kitchen, Pembroke
Centurion - St. Govan's, Pembroke
Murray's Route - Dow Crag, Lake District
Raven Gully - Haytor, Dartmoor
Fafnir - Fall Bay, Gower
Doorway - Bosigran, Cornwall

Hard Severe
Sail Buttress - Birchens Edge, Peak District
Second Hand Goods - Baslow Edge, Peak District
Flying Crag Direct - Baslow Edge, Peak District
Turn To Stone - Shorn Cliff, Wye Valley
Brown's Crack - Bamford Edge, Peak District
Wrinkled Wall - Bamford Edge, Peak District
Balch Slide - Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
Diedre Sud - Mowing Word, Pembroke
Tophet Wall - Great Gable, Lake District

F Route - Gimmer, Lake District
North West Arete - Gimmer, Lake District
Hargreaves Original - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Heather Wall - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Green Streak - Stanage Edge, Peak District
High Neb Buttress - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Fairy Steps - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Little Flake - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Cleft Wing - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Monster Breaker - Reiff, Northern Highlands
Hy Brasil - Reiff, Northern Highlands
Canis - Haytor, Devon
Valkyrie - The Roaches, Staffordshire
Condor Slab - Skyline, The Roaches, Staffordshire
Black Pig - The Roaches, Staffordshire
Rob's Crack - Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
Arch Slab - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower
Scavenger - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower
Anenome Wall - Shirecombe, Gower
Black And Tans - Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey
Eliminate A - Dow Crag, Lake District
Apple Arete - Gardoms Edge, Peak District
The Brain - Curbar Edge, Peak District
Birch Tree Wall - Black Rocks, Cromford
Sand Buttress - Black Rocks, Cromford
Osiris - Fall Bay, Gower
Sabre Cut - Dinas Cromlech, Llanberis
Seamstress - Serengeti, Dinorwig Slate Quarries
Medusa - Ravensdale, Peak District
The Stalk - Plum Buttress, Chee Dale, Peak District
One Step In The Clouds - Tremadog, North Wales
Mur y Niwl - Craig yr Ysfa, Ogwen
Mushroom Wall - Sheeps Tor, Devon
Amorican - Craig Caerfai, Pembroke
Benny - Swanage, Dorset

Skeleton Ridge - Needles, Isle of Wight
Hell Gates - Bristol Suspension Bridge Buttress, Avon Gorge
Scoop Face - Castle Naze, Peak District
Chequers Buttress - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Tody's Wall - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Sunset Slab - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Inverted V - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower
Zapple - Yarncliffe Quarry, Peak District
Sheer Hell - Penallta, Caerphilly
Moonraker - Berry Head, Torbay
Rugosity Crack - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Pedlars Slab - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Good Friday - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Lancashire Wall - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Crescent Arete - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Queersville - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Leaning Buttress Direct - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Old Salt - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Vandal And Ann - Haytor, Devon
Rabbit's Paw Wall - Caley, Yorkshire
Lakeland Cragsman - Sergeant Crag's Slabs, Lake District
Tower Crack - Fairy Steps, Lancashire
The Shriek of Baghdad - Farleton Crag, Lancashire
Tigers Don't Cry - Shorn Cliff, Wye Valley
The Laughing Cavaliers - Shorn Cliff, Wye Valley
Scratch Arete - Tremadog, North Wales
Merlin Direct - Tremadog, North Wales
The Knight's Move - Burbage North, Peak District
Neb Buttress - Bamford Edge, Peak District
Heart Of Darkness - Mowing Word, Pembroke
Riders On The Storm - Stennis Head, Pembroke
Front Line - St. Govan's, Pembroke
Tactitian - St. Govan's, Pembroke
Dream Of White Horses - Gogarth, Anglesey

Original Route - The Old Man of Hoy, Orkney
Incursion - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Living At Speed - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Millson's Minion - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Morrison's Redoubt - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Flying Buttress Direct - Stanage
Noonday Ridge - Caley, Yorkshire
Wrong Hand Route - Bamford Edge, Peak District
Three Pebble Slab - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Strapiombante - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Cliff College - Baslow Edge, Peak District
Banana Finger - Burbage North, Peak District
Hugo De Vries - Turning Stone Edge, Derbyshire
Sirplum - Plum Buttress, Chee Dale, Peak District
Between The Lines - Sergeant Crag's Slabs, Lake District
Great Buttress Arete - Wharncliff, Wye Valley
Phlebitis - Shakemantle Quarry, Ruspidge, Gloucestershire
Superdirect - Dinas Mot, Llanberis
Breaking The Barrier - Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey
Sinecure - Carreg y Barcud, Pembroke
Cool For Cats - Stennis Head, Pembroke
Rock Idol - Mother Carey's Kitchen, Pembroke
Satan's Slip - Lundy
Bishop's Rib - Chairladder, Cornwall

The Strand - Gogarth, Anglesey
Meddle - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Pot Black - Stanage Edge, Peak District
The Watchtower - Torquay
Crimtyphon - Compass Point, Culm Coast
Sacre Coeur - Blackchurch Rock, Culm Coast
Back Off - Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
Run For Home - Shorn Cliff, Wye Valley
Touch The Fire - Shorn Cliff, Wye Valley
Kangaroo Wall - Wintour's Leap, Wye Valley
Crack Of Doom - The Roaches, Staffordshire
Elegy - The Roaches, Staffordshire
Wasp - Tremadog, North Wales
Deranged - St. Govan's Head, Pembroke
The Ride and The View - Lundy
Bow Wall - Bosigran
Wombat - Malham Cove, Yorkshire

Long John's Slab - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Wall End Slab Direct - Stanage Edge, Peak District
The Asp - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Telli - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Blade Runner - Morlais Quarry, Merthyr Tydfil
San Melas - Skyline, The Roaches
Wolfman Jack - Lundy
Jet Set - Lundy
Pleasure Dome - Stennis Head, Pembroke
Kitten Claws - Carreg y Barcud, Pembroke
The Onion Eaters - Mowing Word, Pembroke
Big Groove - Gogarth, Anglesey
Vulcan - Tremadog, North Wales
Lubyanka - Cryn Las, Gwynedd
Kafoozalam - Bosigran, Cornwall
Cruel Sister - Pavey Ark, Lake District
The Dream - Bosigran, Cornwall
Grand Plage - Carn Barra, Cornwall
Sunny Corner Lane - Carn Barra, Cornwall
Eroica - Pentire Point, Cornwall
The Beest - Beeston Tor
4 Steps To Heaven - Fairy Cave Quarry
Comes The Dervish - Vivian Quarry, Dinorwig Slate Quarries

Glacial Point - Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
High Flyer - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Calvary - Stanage Edge, Peak District
Oedipus Ring Your Mother - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Star Wars - Bosherston Head, Pembroke
Fear Of Infection - Clogwyn Mawr Cwmglas, Gwynedd
Great Wall - Clogwyn Du'r Arddu, Llanberis
Resurrection - Dinas Cromlech, Llanberis
Great Wall - Cloggy
Fay - Lower Sharpnose, Cornwall
Melpomene - Swanage, Dorset
Mother Africa - Swanage, Dorset
Wee Doris - Stoney Middleton, Peak District
All Quiet On The Western Front - Almscliff, Yorkshire
Grand Illusion - Almscliff, Yorkshire
Amanita Muscarina - Sea Walls, Avon Gorge
Arms Race - Sea Walls, Avon Gorge

Right Wall - Dinas Cromlech, Llanberis
Minotaur - Huntsman's Leap, Pembroke
Rubik's Cube - Hollow Caves Bay, Pembroke
Darkinbad The Brightdayler - Pentire Point, Cornwall
Wall Of The Worlds - Swanage, Dorset
Strapadictomy - Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Supersonic - High Tor, Peak District
Trouble In Toytown - Nesscliffe

Jasmine - Bamford Edge, Peak District
Trout - Bamford Edge, Peak District

Tombola - Nesscliffe
Monopoly (with Dom Sellers finish) - Millstone Edge