Useful Links For Climbers

Here's some links to websites we find useful when planning climbing trips.

Jim on Topp WI5 in Rjukan
Some Good Sites For Basic Weather Reports

BBC Weather Centre

XC Weather

YR Weather

AccuWeather : UK & Ireland Weather
A really user-friendly place to start.

The good old BBC. Easy to follow.

The mapping, animation, and general layout is very clear. Try this for size.

These guys are based in Norway but it is a really thorough site and a good place for any UK or Europe trip.

Similar to Metcheck in its ease of use. It has a big database of towns and villages. Always a good idea to get a second or third opinion when planning a climbing trip.
More Detailed Weather Links
Met Office : UK Forecasts

Met Office : Rain Radar

Met Office : Mountain Area Forecasts

MWIS (Mountain Weather Information Service)

Metcheck : UK Climbing Forecasts

Mountain Forecast :
The rainfall tab is pretty cool for more accurate guess work.

A useful tool to study recent downpours – I mean dry spells.

A section of the Met Office site dedicated to – well, it’s pretty obvious. Includes the Brecon Beacons and the Peak District.

By far the most detailed and useful forecasts. You can download each one as a pdf. This too includes the Peaks.

Very user friendly. The drop down menu has loads of climbing venues listed.

Highly detailed with excellent mapping.
It's a good idea to do your homework and check out what the weather has been/might be doing by looking at a few different sources. Remember that climbing in Britain is a bit of a lottery weather wise. Don't be totally put off by a slightly rubbish forecast, I'm sure we've all had brilliant days when the weather guys said we wouldn't. Having said that, if you're planning for a winter climb then make sure you take note of the reports as getting the weather wrong can leave you in the mire somewhat.
Useful BMC stuff (British Mountaineering Council)
RAD (Regional Access Database)

Southern Sandstone

BMC Travel Insurance

Keep up to date on any changes to bird and other access restrictions.

It's a fine idea to remind yourself of the codes of common practice if you're planning a visit to the Kentish sandstone. Keep an eye on the local news and volunteer meets too.

Don't forget to get yourself covered for the next massive expedition (and those little weekend bouldering trips too).

An excellent resource for knowledge. Loads of short vids to help us learn the stuff we thought we already knew, you'll soon realise you don't! There's good stuff on injuries, safety in winter, good tips for trad leading, etc.
The Climbers Club : Tide Tables

The Admiralty EasyTide Site
An excellent, easy to follow way of avoiding an early bath (or ensuring it's a nice deep bath if DWS is your thing!).

Another tide times site. See which one you prefer.
Winter Conditions
Scottish Snow Forecasts

Metcheck Mountain Weather

SportScotland Avalanche Information Service

West Coast Mountain Guides blog

Abacus Mountain Guides blog
Hmmm.. will you need to pack those snow shoes?

Again there's a drop down menu with loads of locations.


This is a great place to keep an eye on conditions and get some inspiration!

As above really. Some good links on their site too.
Rough Weather in Glen Coe
MWIS Webcams - Scotland

MWIS Webcams - England and Wales

Steve Fallon - webcam links (Scotland)
The Mountain Weather Information Service provide some good links pages for webcams.

Speaks for itself really.

A great links page on Steve Fallon's site for those who like to spy on Scottish mountains. It's also pretty good for checking conditions.
Welsh Winter Conditions
Baggy's Blog - Mark Baggy Richards blog page
A really useful way of keeping abreast of conditions in Wales - 'when' not 'if' they arise!